Saturday, September 26, 2015

Frodo Waggins

Frodo passed away about 4 and a half months ago, and I planned to start this blog much sooner. Honestly, I was too depressed and distraught right after the fact that I didn't feel like posting. I simply wanted to lay around and do nothing; I didn't even want to go to Disney World the next week, something that had been planned for several months. My mom and I considered canceling our trip, but we decided that it would probably be good for us, which it was in the long run. Anyways, I was too sad to even vent in a blog post. I thought about Frodo constantly but had zero motivation to do anything productive. By the time I felt decent enough to post, I was busy with other things in life and accidentally let it slip my mind. I have finally found some time where I feel like making my first post, so I'm going to just briefly introduce Frodo and give a little background on what happened. I won't go into too much detail on his personality and life, as that is something that I want to talk about in my future posts. As far as what happened to him in the end, that's not what I want to focus on with this blog. I want to focus on the positive aspects of his life, as that is how I wish to remember him.

As you should already know, Frodo was my little dachshund. He was named after J.R.R. Tolkien's Frodo Baggins, as my family and I are huge Lord of the Rings fans. Frodo soon became Frodo Waggins; I'm sure you can guess why. We got him from a close friend's family member in 2011 whose dog incidentally had one puppy; our friend knew from the first moment she saw that puppy that he was mine. We weren't planning to get a dog, as we already had two, and prefer to adopt our dogs. But we couldn't pass up the offer of this precious pup, and we were to find that he was a rescue in his own way. Frodo instantly became my baby, and remained so for the next four and half years. He was a very peculiar and special dog; he had funny habits that just made him all the more special. He didn't like strangers but was as sweet as he could be to his people. He loved us all and we all loved him. Even our oldest dog, Sandy (who is still alive and now almost 12 years old), treated him like he was her own puppy. Everything was as close to perfect as it could get, until May 2015. Like I said, I don't wish to explain this in great detail, as it was the worst time of my life and not something I like to talk about. The whole ordeal lasted within a matter of less than two weeks, but his actual passing was sudden, unexpected, and extremely shocking. It still seems surreal, even months afterwards. That is all I will say about his death; I may discuss it later, but only when I feel ready to do so. Again, that's not what this blog is about. This blog is about his life.

Frodo's fifth birthday is coming up soon, so I will definitely make a post that day. Hopefully I will be able to post often from now on, as I plan to start writing about him and sharing cute stories from his life. Even if no one reads this blog, that's okay. I made this for my own expression of thoughts and feelings, so even if I'm the only one to read them, I will always have a collection of memories to treasure.